Building Trusted Connections

It's imperative to protect your business from fraud, give your customers an unforgettable user experience and manage both without disrupting good customers. We get it. We live in a world where bad guys are able to obtain perfect information, change their fighting tactics on a dime, and develop new methods to make money at your expense. It's critical to stay multiple steps ahead of them and beat them at their own game. Even more, it's critical you give your good customers the experience they deserve. We are in the business of Building Trusted Connections so you can know who to trust and ultimately protect your business.

What is Fraud Force?

The Fraud Force Summit is iovation's annual conference bringing customers, prospective customers, partners and industry experts together to connect, collaborate and share. The landscape for fraud prevention and customer authentication is constantly changing, where fraudsters change their tactics, consumers demand better authentication experiences and the technology that powers both are quickly evolving to stay ahead of demand. The conference gives executives the opportunity to network, share and most importantly, learn from one another. Additionally, the summit brings a healthy balance of education and fun! Our customers work hard every day to protect their business, so Fraud Force gives them the chance to have a great time while learning new tools and tactics to help them in their job.

Porter Hotel

Why Attend Fraud Force?

Are you wondering why you should attend Fraud Force? What you will gain from the conference and how your team can benefit from attending? Well, there are many reasons why customers, partners and guests attend year after year - to connect with experts in their industry, share and collaborate with fraud, risk and security professionals, hear what top tier businesses are doing to protect their businesses from fraud, learn what iovation is doing in the near and long term to help online businesses build trusted connections with their consumers and what the future has in store for us.

Why Attend

Who Attends Fraud Force?

Fraud Force brings fraud, risk, and security executives, directors and managers from Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Ecommerce, Gaming and more. The event attracts industry leaders and forward-thinking professionals managing fraud and security for their business.

Who Attends

The Porter Portland, Curio Collection by Hilton

We asked for your feedback and listened to where attendees wanted Fraud Force 2019 to be located. That is why Fraud Force USA is back in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. The conference is being held a short walk from the iovation headquarters at a new hotel in the heart of downtown. The Porter is part of the Curio Collection by Hilton and showcases many unique aspects of the city and is a beautiful new hotel.

Porter Patio

The Porter Portland is FULLY BOOKED. If you need to make a last minute hotel reservation for Fraud Force Summit 2019, please make your reservation through Expedia. If you have any questions, please reach out to our housing manager, Kari Lywood (

The Porter Portland, Curio Collection by Hilton map
The Porter Portland, Curio Collection by Hilton

1355 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97201



Speakers, hands-on workshops, and educational breakout sessions.

Day 1: Sep 18th Day 2: Sep 19th Day 3: Sep 20th
Day 1
Meet Your Customer Success and Account Management Teams

Get 45 minutes with your Customer Success and Account Manager to find out how you can further reduce fraud, increase operational efficiencies and streamline the customer experience. These customized one-on-one sessions dive into how you can optimize your iovation services and fine tune your existing setup.

Day 1
Pre-Summit Event | Option 1: Portland Japanese Garden Private Tour
Portland Japanese Garden , Portland, Oregon
Portland Japanese Garden

FULLY BOOKED - REGISTRATION CLOSED. Japan's former ambassador to the U.S. called the Portland Japanese Garden, “The most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan.” Join us for a private guided tour of the Garden which sits nestled in the Portland hills overlooking the city, providing a tranquil and urban oasis. It includes an authentic Japanese Tea House, meandering streams, intimate walkways and a spectacular view of Mt. Hood.

* Transportation provided from the Porter Hotel, pre-summit event and to iovation’s headquarters, in time for the Fraud Fighters Progressive Tour.

Location: Portland Japanese Garden

Day 1
Pre-Summit Event | Option 2: Pioneering Coffee Roasters Private Tour
Third Wave Coffee Tours , Portland, Oregon
Third Wave Coffee Tours

FULLY BOOKED - REGISTRATION CLOSED. On the Willamette River’s east side, nestled among converted warehouses and quirky neighborhoods, you’ll find Portland’s pioneering micro-roasters. This two-hour, one-mile walking tour through the area introduces you to award-winning baristas crafting some of the world’s finest coffee drinks. Taste top-notch espresso and cold brew variations while exploring one of Portland’s hippest areas.

*Transportation provided from the Porter Hotel, pre-summit event and to iovation’s headquarters, in time for the Fraud Fighters Progressive Tour.

Day 1
Fraud Fighters Progressive Tour
U.S. Bancorp Tower , Portland, Oregon
U.S. Bancorp Tower

Calling all Fraud Fighters! Do you want to see iovation’s solutions in action where the magic happens? Would you like to meet with Your Customer success or Account Manager? We will lead discussions about hot fraud topics such as combatting ATO, fighting identity fraud and stopping promotion/bonus abuse while giving you a tour of iovation’s headquarters. Meeting rooms are also available, so you can jump in and out of the tour.

Transportation provided back to the Porter Hotel

Location: iovation HQ (Suite 300) - Room Noyce

Day 1
Welcome Reception
The Porter Portland , Curio Collection by Hilton, Portland, OR
The Porter Portland

Welcome to Portland and iovation's annual Fraud Force Summit! Please join the iovation team and other conference attendees to network and mingle over drinks and appetizers at the Welcome Reception. 

Day 2
Registration and Breakfast

Event registration and badge pickup will be available beginning at 7:30 a.m. along with a full breakfast, coffee and tea. 

Day 2
Fraud Force Kick Off
Susan Tyburski, Global VP Strategic Account Management, iovation, a TransUnion Company
Susan Tyburski

For more info on Susan, please click HERE.

Day 2
Welcome to Fraud Force Summit
Greg Pierson, Co-Founder, iovation
Greg Pierson

For more info on Greg, please click HERE.

Day 2
The Economy of Cybercrime
Brett Johnson, Cybersecurity Consultant,
Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson - Famously reformed hacker turned speaker, discusses the organization of cybercriminals and how they collaborate to defeat businesses and take advantage of the modern digital economy. In this session, Brett will discuss how criminals organize to defeat the modern digital economy. For Brett's full bio, please click HERE.

Day 2
Day 2
iovation Roadmap & Vision
Bala Kumar, Chief Product Officer, iovation
Bala Kumar

Join iovation's Chief Product Officer to learn what iovation is doing to continually innovate and deliver robust and impactful products to help businesses mitigate fraud and enhance the authentication and authorization process for your loyal customers. In this session you will learn more about iovation's vision as well as hear what you can expect to see in the coming months and what is on the immediate roadmap. This session will be interactive and will allow for further discussion on what you, our customers, are hoping to gain from the iovation product suite. For more info on Bala, please click HERE.

Day 2
The Power of Intelligent Security
John Horn, Director of SecureNow Cybersecurity Services, Fiserv
John Horn

For leading banks and credit unions, “security balanced with experience” has run its course. Traditional security generates friction no longer tolerated by consumers, and is regularly beaten by today’s cyber criminals. Financial institutions need a new kind of intelligent security to grow their digital business, defend against unprecedented cyber risk, and address underlying staffing challenges. Join us to learn how SecureNow is helping banks and credit unions win in the challenging digital market, and some new problems which can be solved through intelligent digital security. For more info on John, please click HERE.

Day 2
Day 2
What Keeps You Up At Night? Live Polling
Scott Waddell, Chief Technology Officer, iovation Bala Kumar, Chief Product Officer, iovation
Scott Waddell Bala Kumar

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics, case management, security. These are just some of biggest topics we hear about from our customers. Hear from your fellow fraud fighters about what keeps them up at night, what technology is most important to them, what makes them successful and much more in an interactive live polling session. For more info on Scott, please click HERE. For more info on Bala, please click HERE.

Day 2
Is your Trust & Safety Team IPO Ready?
Jeff Chen, VP Trust & Safety, Upwork
Jeff Chen

You might not think of fraud and risk prevention as a centerpiece of an IPO plan. But Upwork attributes its successful IPO to this. Hear how Upwork leveraged iovation to gain confidence in investors, regulators, bankers and the media as it went public. For more info on Jeff, please click HERE.

Day 2
Connecting Personal & Digital ID to Defeat Fraud and Delight Customers
Scott Olson, VP, Product Marketing, iovation
Scott Olson

Learn why connecting personal and digital identities is so critical for online transactions. We’ll explore how bridging the two will help defeat fraudsters and delight good customers for opening accounts, offering promotions, login, account management, real-time payments and more. For more info on Scott, please click HERE.

Day 2
Day 2
Prioritizing Fraud Investments
Melissa Gaddis, Senior Director, Global Customer Success, iovation Steve Gray, Vice President | Agile Journey Owner, U.S. Bank
Melissa Gaddis Steve Gray

Steve Gray, Vice President | Agile Journey Owner at US Bank holds a unique position. Steve leads a team of fraud professionals from multiple verticals that is dedicated to innovating ways to share data across the company. His task force’s primary objective? Improve customer experience.

Now that he has moved from his previous position leading the fraud strategy team responsible for selecting and implementing fraud vendors and tools, into leading a team that spans multiple verticals and business needs, Steve’s perspectives on technology investments have changed; he will share how he now evaluates and prioritizes those investments. 

For more info on Melissa, please click HERE. For more info on Steve, please click HERE.

Day 2
Fraud Fighting Gap - Mobile Carriers Stop Selling Location Data
Rodger Desai, CEO, Payfone
Rodger Desai

In Q1 2019, some mobile network operators (MNOs) decided to stop making certain data available for inquiry to third-party identity authentication providers. This decision created concern regarding a possible gap in identity verification coverage. But was it actually a blessing in disguise? Join Rodger Desai, CEO and co-founder of identity authentication leader Payfone, as he breaks down what companies can do to approach the situation as an opportunity to address the challenges presented by MNO data, and to implement solutions that offer higher coverage, increased privacy, and reduced operational complexity. This session will include an actionable checklist of things that enterprises can get started with today to bolster their identity authentication plans for the future. For Rodger's full bio, please click HERE.

Day 2
Rooftop Dinner Party
EcoTrust , Portland, Oregon

It's time to unwind and relax after a full day of educational sessions, information sharing with your peers and hearing from industry experts. Join the iovation team for a night to remember at the Fraud Force Dinner and Party. A full dinner will be provided with beverages, activities and plenty of opportunities to meet with other conference attendees.  

Day 3

Head down to the conference floor to kickoff the last day of the conference with a full breakfast, coffee and tea. 

Day 3
Why Account Takeover is Really a Fraud Problem
Scott Olson, VP, Product Marketing, iovation
Scott Olson

Account Takeover can cause serious friction with your good customers and leave them incredibly frustrated. But it also leaves your business exposed to fraud. In this session, explore how ATO has become such a big fraud problem and why you need to be deliberate about where you choose to use strong customer authentication. For more info on Scott, please click HERE.

Day 3
The Power of the Global Consortium: Customers Weigh In

Collective knowledge is one of the most important weapons to keeping fraudsters out. But what’s the most successful approach to leverage that knowledge? In this panel discussion Jessica Jolicoeur - VP Risk Management at INGO Money, Robbie Fritts - Senior Director Operations, Fraud and Payments at Poshmark, and Brendan Hee - Assistant Director of Operations at Square Enix share how they leverage iovation in each of their unique use cases. Acting as Moderator will be Brooke Snelling - Senior Product Marketing Manager at iovation, a TransUnion Company. Topics will include how they prioritize evidence, how they combine iovation data with their own data to protect consumers and other best practices they put into place to keep their consumers safe.

Day 3
The Most Common Emerging Fraud Vectors: Examples From the Wild
Kevin Bric, Director Of Partnerships, Onfido
Kevin Bric

Document and biometric fraud are taking unique and innovative forms as we move further into a digital world. You will hear about the most popular types of fraud, see real examples of each and learn how to identify bad actors to ensure digital safety of your customers and company. For more info on Kevin, please click HERE.

Day 3
Day 3
Emerging Fraud Workshop
Melissa Gaddis, Senior Director, Global Customer Success, iovation
Melissa Gaddis

Collaborating with peers at different companies about the latest cyber threats is one of the most important weapons to keeping fraudsters out. But where do you start, how can you be most successful with this approach, what’s the best way to share fraud intelligence, and how do you prioritize evidence from other companies and industries? For more info on Melissa, please click HERE.

Day 3
Day 3
Walking the Line - Balancing Fighting Fraud with Protecting Privacy
Angie White, Product Marketing Manager, iovation, a TransUnion Company
Angie White

Discussion of evolving global standards for consumer privacy and how it impacts fighting digital fraud. Regulatory Alphabet Soup - GDPR/PSD2 - Fighting digital fraud in a highly regulated environment. What you need to know and plan for. For more info on Angie, please click HERE.

Day 3
Trusted Connections: Leveraging iovation to Tackle Your Fraud Challenges
Karime Zarate, North America - Client Group Manager, iovation, a TransUnion Company Phoenix Clarke, Business Analyst, iovation, a TransUnion Company
Karime Zarate Phoenix Clarke

iovation's customer success team's primary goal is to provide exceptional technical support, educate on our solutions and serve as an extension of your fraud team. But, what happens when you've run into a fraud threat that can't be addressed with typical customer support and automated reports? Hear from Karime Zarate and Phoenix Clarke on how they engage, consult and take a deep dive into fraud investigations when customers need it most. For more info on Karime, please click HERE. For more info on Phoenix, please click HERE

Day 3
Closing Happy Hour


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